Careers at Oxford Spires Academy


If you are an employer or provider who would like to speak to our students, please click here: Management Of Provider Access Requests

Oxford Spires Academy works hard to make sure that Careers provision is available to all students, that it widens their knowledge and raises their aspirations. Knowing why you are working hard at school – that is, knowing what you’d like to do in life – can have a positive motivating effect.

We offer one-to-one guidance with our careers advisor, Mr Bingham, for students in Year 11 and Year 12. Year 10 and 12 students go on work experience placements. All students should build on careers work through tutor time activities, and there are lots of careers-based activities in school, and visits to universities and employers out of school.

Information on these pages is designed to help students and parents who would like to know more about careers. Parents should also consider that Mr Bingham is available on parents’ evenings and mornings, and appointments can be made through ParentMail, as for teaching staff.

Careers Week is a week of talks and workshops about different careers, led by parents and friends of the school. If you are able to help by delivering a session, please contact Ms Gray on Equally, if you would be interested in joining a group of Sixth Form mentors, and helping with older students’ preparation for their future, let Ms Gray know.

The school invests in the following online resources to help students consider their future paths. Students will work on some of these in school, but you can also access them at home. If you would like relevant passwords to access them, please email Ms Gray or Mr Bingham

Kudos – this is a useful interactive start if you are unsure about potential career paths, and it allows you to find out about qualifications needed etc. You can do a small quiz to begin and then Kudos will guide you to possible careers that might suit you.

Adviza Portal – this is a career portal where you can:

  • Get careers information related to your school year
  • Watch career videos
  • Listen to careers podcasts
  • Get advice on career choices
  • Discover your local labour market
  • Find virtual work experience opportunities
  • Chat to qualified advisers online
  • Explore our eCLIPS careers resource
  • Book webinars and events

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