Pastoral Support

Our House system is unique and has proved to be a great success. Each student and family will belong to one of our 4 house: Bannister, Earhart, Seacole and Tolkien, led by tutors. Each house has its own identity, strengths and qualities.

Membership to a specific house is not only apparent through the colour of your child’s tie and jumper embroidery but through your child’s behaviour, energy and positive contributions to their learning.

The Senior Leader assigned to houses are:

  • Bannister – Ms F Cooper
  • Earhart – Mr Z Hussain
  • Seacole – Mrs C Forder
  • Tolkien – Mrs H Bellamy

We have also increased the capacity in our pastoral team, with Heads of Year, with Year Team Support Managers to work alongside them.

The Heads of Year are as follows:

  • Year 7 – Mr Craig McKenzie
  • Year 8 – Ms Sarah Bhatti
  • Year 9 – Ms Kimberley Booth
  • Year 10 – Miss Mary Wilkinson
  • Year 11 – Mrs Katy Shuttleworth

The House system develops a culture of enrichment and healthy competition which raises aspirations. It is our intention that every child takes part in the many opportunities available to them and participates in the various House competitions to extend their learning and enrich their time with us. Through working with the different members of staff and students we will encourage all students to be comfortable with the notion of sensible risk– taking and joint responsibility.

Through the House system your child will be recognised and rewarded for their commitment, contributions and good attendance and punctuality. They will receive House points, commendations, half colours and full colours, which count to the overall House points. Each year the House trophy will be awarded to the House with the most points. Therefore, every contribution your child makes matters for them, their tutor group and their house.

Students’ personal tutors will remain with them throughout their academic life. Siblings are members of the same House.

Leadership opportunities for your child within the House system

The House system provides many leadership opportunities for your child, regardless of age. Students who are awarded leadership positions are positive role-models for all students and support the Head of House in the development of all House events.

Sixth Form

  • Head Boy/Head Girl
  • Leadership team including Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl
  • House Captains and Vice Captains

Year 10/11

  • House Prefects

Year 7-Sixth Form

  • Tutor Representatives
  • Student Forum Representatives
  • Other leadership opportunities