Oxford Spires Academy has three catering facilities for pupils to purchase and consume food and drink. The Willows Cafe, The Dining Hall and the Grab’n’Go. Our menus rotate on a three week cycle.

Winter Menu


  • Week 1 menu: w/b 6 Jan, 27 Jan, 24 Feb, 16 Mar
  • Week 2 menu: w/b 13 Jan, 3 Feb, 2 Mar, 23 Mar
  • Week 3 menu: w/b 20 Jan, 10 Feb, 9 Mar, 30 Mar



6th Form Menu

1. Beef Bourguignon
2. Beef Stroganoff
3. Chicken Thighs with Roasted Veg
4. Lemon Chicken Drumsticks
5. Chicken Fajita
6. Chicken Fried Noodles
7. Beef Chilli
8. Chicken Skewers
9. BBQ Chicken Goujons
10. Creamy Chicken Leek and Mushrooms
11. Roast Chicken
12. Spring Rolls

Available Daily

Jacket potatoes, assorted snacks, various filled sandwiches, rolls and wraps, fresh salads, fruit hot and cold drinks


Biometrics School Recognition System

We work a cashless catering system using a biometric recognition system. There are many advantages to using this system to cover all these aspects of school life. You will be able to pay for your child’s lunches using an online payment engine. For those without internet access an alternative will be available and there will also be cash loaders to allow pupils to top up their accounts with cash during the course of the day.

The system works by using several points on a person’s thumb to create a unique numerical code. It is the numerical code which is security stored and not the image of the prints on the person’s thumb. It is impossible to create a diagram of the points on the thumb from the numerical code.

The manufacturers of the system take data protection extremely seriously, and are happy to meet parents to explain how data is protected.
The data is securely stored and destroyed when your child leaves the school or when you instruct us to do so. Please do not hesitate to contact ICT Network Manager on , if you require any further information.

Our preferred method of payment for catering will be online via ParentPay. However, for those unable to make payment by this method, cash payments for catering will also be possible via cash loaders located in the Willows Café and The Conference Hall. Pupils will also be able to check their balance here.
Pupils benefiting from free school meals have their biometric account automatically credited for easy use.