Year 12 Theatre Experience

On Thursday 24th October a group of Year 12 A Level Theatre and LAMDA students had a fun filled theatre day in wet and rainy London! We met at 8.45am at Oxford Station, to catch the 9.01am to Paddington – where we then travelled by tube to Temple and the National Theatre Archive. Everything was going brilliantly until we got delayed on the journey in and discovered the National Theatre Archive – isn’t actually at the National Theatre ‘Ooooops’.

After an hour delay on the train and some dodgey navigation we arrived at the Theatre Archive – where we had the opportunity to watch an amazing recording of Christopher Eccleston and Jodie Whittaker (2 Doctor Who’s) performing Antigone. We also got to look at original scripts, costumes and stage designs – with notes from the director!

We then hopped back on the tube and went to Stratford (sadly no time for shopping at Westfields) to see the matinee of ‘Our Lady Of Kibeho’. It was absolutely amazing – it told the true story of a teenage girl who was studying at a RC School in Rwanda who communicates with the Virgin Mary. She has beautiful visions, always accompanied by the smell of jasmine – inexplicably two more girls start to have visions of the Virgin Mary. An envoy from the Vatican comes – to disprove their story but by the end of his meetings and tests he is convinced they are telling the truth. The girls go on National Television as a celebration of an official miracle and share with Rwanda not the beautiful vision of ‘the garden of God’ but of a country bathed in blood, death and destruction! A vision of the atrocities to come, thirteen years later in 1994 over one million Tutsi’s were brutally tortured and murdered during the countries genocide.

It was then back on the Tube to Covent Garden for Street Theatre and food and then to the Peacock Theatre in Holborn, for the second show of the day! ‘Some Like it Hip Hop’ was a complete shift in mood and emotion but equally as fantastic as the first show. Set in a world where woman are valueless, allowed only to do the most menial of tasks. Where men have all the power and privilege – in a world where books are banned and reading is outlawed. Two women set out to prove that the female of the species is just as able as the male. Disguised in suits and fake facial hair they infiltrate the world of the all-male office! The whole story is told through, narration, song, music, hip hop and street dance. Loosely based on Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ the comical tale of love, mistaken identity, cross dressing and revelation was a great way to end a FANTASTIC day!