Year 10 HealthReach

Is there a doctor in the house?

Or a nurse, or an anaesthetist, or a paramedic, or an occupational therapist, or a physiotherapist, or…

34 students from Year 10 spent a very enjoyable day at the University of Reading on 26 June, learning about careers in the health service – and how very much in demand they are. Activities were ‘hands-on’ and students loved testing each other’s blood pressure and lung capacity, seeing how their hearts worked through an ECG, and putting on slings for broken arms. Students dressed in a suit, and wore special glasses, to show them how difficult it was to move as a much older person with mobility problems or cataracts.

The new HealthReach facility at Reading enables students to try out giving CPR and the Heimlich manoeuvre (for those with a blocked airway), and using a defibrillator. Then they tested their learning in a simulation of a real-life accident.

The day aims to allow students to know the full range of jobs available in our health system, and to learn more about university study, as well as the kind of qualifications you’d need to apply successfully. Thanks to Study Higher for sponsoring this event, and to Alison Hall and her team at the University of Reading for their enthusiasm and expertise!