UK Parliament Week – Sixth Form debaters in the Bodleian

On Thursday 16 November, three students from Oxford Spires Sixth Form took on a challenge.  They debated whether people should have the right to be forgotten online, as part of the University of Oxford’s 2017 Parliament Week.


bodleian pic 1


Alongside Lord Tom McNally, and local MP Annaliese Dodds, our three students (Eleanor, Ishmail and Sana) proposed the right to have irrelevant or incorrect things online deleted. 


They were opposed by a team of student debaters from Cheney School, accompanied by MP Damian Collins.  The whole debate was chaired by the Principal of Somerville College, Oxford, Baroness Royall of Blaisdon.



The debate took place in the medieval Convocation House, where the English parliament had met during the Civil War.  In the audience were over 100 local Sixth Form Politics students, undergraduates and university staff. 


Bodleian 2


The students had prepared with a workshop at the Politics Faculty, and A level Politics teacher, Dan Glazebrook, accompanied them on a trip to Parliament, where they had interviewed MPs, Lords and the Speaker, John Bercow.


Head of Sixth Form, Jackie Watson, was proud of the students.  ‘They were all so confident and articulate!  It’s not easy to speak in front of 100 of your peers, never mind doing it alongside Members of Parliament and University lecturers.  They all did a brilliant job!’


The Proposition won the debate by 43 votes to 38.  A good job done!