Sixth Form Exam Results – 17th August 2023

Sixth Form Press Release

Oxford Spires Academy Sixth Form Results 2023

Thursday 17th August 2023


Oxford Spires Academy Sixth Form Students excel with higher grades than pre-covid years.

Oxford Spires Academy Sixth Form students did not have an opportunity to sit formal GCSE exams in 2021 but they have worked hard and met our expectation to “Be The Best You Can Be” by achieving better results than pre-covid students. The number of results among the highest grades A*-B has also increased significantly. We are particularly proud of their achievements as it has been suggested that nationally grades would be lower this year.

Our highest performing subject was Further Maths with 60% of grades at A*-A and 80% at A*-B. In addition, more than 60% of students achieved the highest grades A*-B in Physics, History, Maths, Philosophy & Ethics, French, Chemistry and Design technology. In 2019 the national averages for these subjects were approximately 50%.

We congratulate all our students and particularly those with exceptional grades such as:

  • Callum Young: A* in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. (Oxford, Mathematics)
  • Jemima Webster: A* in Psychology & French, A in Philosophy & Ethics and B in Classical Civilisation. (Cambridge, Modern & Mediaeval Languages)
  • Flora Pizey: A* in Art, History, Religious Studies (Cambridge, History)
  • Tristan Dupret: A* in Maths and Chemistry, A in Biology and Further Maths. (Imperial College London, Molecular Bioengineering)
  • Aisha Lawal: A* in Psychology and Geography, A in History (Bristol, Law)
  • Hazel Blanchard: A* in Geography and French, A in Chemistry (Bristol, Geography)
  • Jake Read: A* in Philosophy & Ethics, A in English Literature and B in History (Birmingham, Philosophy)
  • Sofia Brand-Whitehead: A* in Art, A in Psychology and B in Maths. (Falmouth, Fine Art)

The vast majority of our students got their first or second choice of university and we wish them the very best of luck for the future.
We are a school that takes pride in our community ethos and also thank and congratulate the parents and carers who have supported students through everything as well as the teachers who have worked tirelessly to help students succeed.

Head of Sixth Form, Mike Loftus said, “This is a highly impressive set of results from our students, in what, it must be remembered, is their first set of public exams. They have shown themselves and the wider world what they are capable of and should be immensely proud of themselves. I wish them all every success at university, in apprenticeships and in their future careers.”