School Timings w/c 7th September 2020

It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces returning to school this week. We hope that students enjoyed being back at school and feel at ease with the safety procedures we have implemented. Can I please take this opportunity to remind parents of the school timings commencing 7th September 2020.

Year group Monday- Thursday Friday Timings
7 8:15-2.20pm 8:15-2.00pm
8 8:30-2.40pm 8.30-2.20pm
9 8:45-3.00pm 8.45-2.10pm
10 9:00-3.10pm 9:00-2.35pm
11 9:15-3.40pm 9:15-2.50pm
12 & 13 As per students individual timetables


Dropping off at school

Could we please ask for your support to put in place a one way system to pick up and drop of your child. Please come up Glanville Road and drop of your child and turn left across Barracks Lane and down Cumberland Road.

There is very limited parking outside of the school. The road to the right of the school entrance leading to Marsh Park has cycle lanes on both sides of the road and have parking permit allowances for our local residents, please be respectful of this and do not park or stop in this area.

Can we again encourage children wherever possible to walk or cycle to school. Not only is this good for their wellbeing but also helps them to be active and stay healthy.

School Meals

The catering team are working hard to ensure a wide variety of healthy meal choices are available to students.  Updated menus will be available on the school website early next week