Remote Education and Live Segments In Lessons

On the 30th January, we shared with you our next step to increase live content for students to support their connection to their teachers and to school. In our previous update we stated that by the end of last week we would reach our final target of half of all lessons per week containing a live segment. I am pleased to say that we have achieved this and that students will benefit from this starting today.

  • Your children will know when these live segments are taking place through their Teams calendar. We are aware that we have a Week A and a Week B timetable and so sessions may vary across the two weeks.
  • As with all systems there may also be those rare occasions where there may be some difficulties with connections. Colleagues will try to resolve these with students as quickly as possible.
  • We have a small number of colleagues who due to personal circumstances are currently unable to provide live segments so again this may impact in some areas. We will keep the timetable updated each week on the website to reflect any change in circumstance.

We will be adding a timetable of these sessions to the website on the Remote Education page. In addition to this, we will be continuing with our tutor sessions, house challenges and assemblies each morning from 9.00-9.20.

Testing Consent: We would like to ask you to complete the consent forms for the lateral flow tests that have recently been sent to all parents that have not yet done so. (This can be found in the FORMS section of your ParentMail account). This will help to put in place plans for the students return and will enable us to organise the students to come back into school as quickly as possible. If you have not yet returned a reply you will be contacted this week by phone or email.

Many thanks as always for your continuing support.