Planned Student Strike – Friday 21st June

Dear Parent/Carer

As you are aware there is a school student strike planned for Friday 21st June in Oxford. This is timed to happen between 11am and 2pm. As a school we have fully supported the student strikes. Students have taken part in 4 strikes and 3 of these strikes have taken place during term time.

I would like us to look at further ways in which we as a school can support our students to impact directly on the changes needed to tackle climate change both within school and within the extended community. As a result we would like to ask for you to support us with the following approaches.

  1. I would like to ask for representatives from Year 7-9 to take part in the KS3 Climate Change Summit being held at St Gregory the Great school on Monday July 1st at 4.30 pm. Craig Simmons will attend this summit to address the students and he is the Lord Mayor but also the Oxford counsellor for the Green Party and specialist on climate change. If your child would like to attend this please do forward the names to me at


  3. Our Head Boy for next year, a local organiser against climate change, has also established an Eco group which meets weekly in BI3. Students who feel strongly enough to attend the strike should come along and support this, and they will then be supporting the school to look at how we can reduce our own carbon footprint. This group will be helping to formulate and deliver our Eco agenda in school. We have recruited a governor to support this group and planning ways to extend our impact on our school footprint and how we can improve the situation in the local community.


  5. We are currently reviewing the curriculum content with students to identify any further changes or additions that could be implemented to support and raise awareness of climate change and action that can be taken against it.

We are now concerned at the academic impact of absences, especially as the strikes happen on the same day which can result in students missing a lot of the same subject each time. We would like to work with the student body and families to use this positive energy to make a tangible change in our community in the ways I mention above.

If, however, you would still like your child to attend please email me your permission email at As per previous strikes, students will attend normal lessons in period 1 & 2 and will be released at 10.45am, from this point you will be responsible for your child. Due to the last minute notification, we ask that you email by 7am tomorrow morning – and please advise me of their participation in the Climate Change Summit or the schools Eco group.

Best wishes
Marianne Blake