OSA Students Leading March against Climate Change

Oxford Spires students once again took part in the Youth Climate Strike in the centre of Oxford on May 24.

One of the organisers of the march, Year 12 Oscar Idle, was central to the planning and success of the march, which, once again, saw hundreds of students marching with their home-made banners to show their views about the likely impact of Climate Change on their futures, and on future generations. They showed wit and passion in the creation of these.

Oxford Spires students also joined in the music making at the end of the march in Broad Street, and brought the group together as they protested peacefully and raised awareness of their cause.

As on previous occasions, only students with parental permission and who had convinced Miss Blake through their applications, were allowed out of school early to join the protest. They are real role models and their school is proud of the mature way they have demonstrated their conviction.