North Wall Theatre Trip – The Border

Drama kicked off the Year with a trip to the North Wall Theatre to see ‘The Border’ a funny, sweet and humorous production that had a clear political message relating to Refugees and Migrants, Closed Borders and Brexit. As always the students were an absolute delight and despite it being an 80 minute, one act show – remained focused and engaged throughout. Hopefully they gained lots of creative ideas to help shape their Component 1 and Compionent 2 performance work!

“Life is turned upside down in one small town as East Oolia shuts the border with West

Oolia, dividing here from there, us from them, this from that despite all the fruit tasting

the same.

In the midst of it all, Stranger, a young girl’s beloved dog, has gone missing. Will

Stranger be found before the border closes, or will she be trapped forever on the

“wrong” side?

The Border is a high energy, outrageous Brechtian parable from Theatre Centre that

explores the lines we draw between ourselves and other people. The Border will feature

original songs and a live break-out debate where one girl, her dog and the audience

find their voice – and their bark.”