Non Uniform Day

As you may have read in the last newsletter, we are planning a non-uniform day this coming Friday, and it is not an April Fool’s joke! We are looking to raise as much money as possible, split equally between three excellent charities:

1. British Red Cross
2. Women’s Aid
3. Greggs Foundation

We ask all students to donate a minimum of £1 on the day. Money will be collected at the entrance to the school at the start of the day so please make sure your child has some cash on them!

Regarding what to wear, there are a few rules. Please make sure that there are no items of clothing with offensive words or images on them. Footwear needs to be safe for school, so no ‘sliders’, sandals or other open toed shoes, and no high heels. For the safeguarding of all students, clothing must not be revealing or see through.

We welcome students coming to school in their ethnic/cultural dress if they so wish. We ask that all outdoor coats are removed in classrooms and that hoods, hats/caps are not to be worn inside. Head coverings such as scarfs/bandanas/durags are allowed to be worn inside and in lessons on this day.