Kids’ Lit Quiz

On 26th November Miss Morris and Mr Sheppard took two teams of year 7 and 8 students to compete in the Oxfordshire Heat of the Kids’ Lit Quiz. This is an international quiz on children’s literature that is held all around the world with the Internation Final taking place in New Zealand this year. Our two teams had to answer 10 rounds of questions on over 100 years worth of children’s books, requiring knowledge of plots, authors, characters and illustrations. The questions were incredibly challenging and some were University Challenge and Mastermind level. After each round there was a prize for the highest scoring team on that round. If there was a tie then it went to a sudden death tie breaker.

Our B team won the prize after the round on Dreams and our A team won a tie breaker to get the prize for the Legends round. There were also prizes for the audience member that was the fastest to answer a question after each round and Miss Morris and Mr Sheppard were both very pleased to win one of these each.

In the end our B team came 7th out of 22 and our A team came 5th, beating a lot of teams from prestigious private schools. The A team was just 1.5 marks behind 3rd place and worked out that had they played their joker and doubled their score on a different round then they would have come 2nd.

Both teams had a great time and were a real credit to the school – and this competition will now become an annual event!