House Drama

Thursday 7th November 2019 saw House Drama students ‘Dicing with the Decades as they created performances about key points in our history.

Our Student Captains worked tirelessly to research historical events and create a script which was interesting and presented some of the issues that we have faced or could face in the future.

The houses worked every week to develop their performances and built relationships across the year groups in the process. Each house took a different idea from the topic of dicing with the decades and found inspiration in their research.

Seacole explored the idea of a meteor crashing into the earth and ending the world

Earhart looked at the great depression and the impact it had on the theatrical world

Bannister showed the effect of communist’s vs the rich upper-class and their battle for equality

Tolkien delved into the stonewall riots and the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community

With each house making their plot decisions based on their interests and strengths it made for a difficult decision for the judges on which house they thought deserved the win. As always the House Drama competition showcased the talent of our students here at OSA as well as the developing leadership skills, creativity and perseverance of our captains. The winners on the night were:

  • Overall Winner – Tolkien
  • Best Actor – Sam Sperry Year 11
  • Best Supporting Actor – Emjay East Year 8
  • Best Actress – Naama Brittenden Year 12
  • Best Supporting Actress – Zulekha Sharif Year 13
  • Best Script – Tolkien (Freya Carter Year 11)
  • Best Lighting and Sound Design – Seacole
  • Best Costume Design – Bannister
  • Best Program – Seacole

All the houses should be proud of the hard work, determination and perseverance that they put into their performances and this year Tolkien walked away the overall winners which was well-deserved.