German Cookery

This term Year 8 classes have been working on a ‘Come Dine With Me’ project. Students were given a menu of tasks and worked either independently or in small groups to complete their tasks. Students produced German menus, dinner party invitations, cartoon strips, scripts and homemade videos on how to cook traditional German dishes. We also tasted some typical German foods and some students even tried out some German recipes and brought them into lesson for the class to sample! Thank you Year 8s for the incredible effort you put into this.

In conjunction with the ‘Come Dine With Me’ project, some students in class 8X took part in a German cookery class. Prior to the lesson they discussed types of German ‘Schnitzel’ and translated a German recipe. Then in the following lesson students were able to prepare, cook (and eat!) the Schnitzel recipe. Well done to all students involved for your hard work.