GCSE Results August 2019

Thursday 22nd August 2019

GCSE results at Oxford Spires Academy


Oxford Spires is delighted to congratulate its students on achieving a fantastic set of results this year.

Oxford Spires’ most able students have achieved outstanding outcomes with a high number of students achieving grade 8/9s. Only the top 3% of students in England achieved a grade 9. At Oxford Spires 15% of our students have achieved Grade 9s this year. The numbers of students achieving grade 9s in English, Maths, Science, Geography and Art & Design is above the national average. We would like to recognise the following students.

  • Linnet who has achieved a grade 9 in all 11 of her GCSEs
  • Sara who has achieved 8 grade 9s in her GCSEs
  • Joseph has achieved 7 grade 9s in his GCSEs
  • Anna has achieved 5 grade 9s and 11 GCSEs at grade 7 or above
    English/English Literature 77% of students achieved passes at grade 4-9, and 61% achieving a grade 5 or higher and a quarter of students grade 7 or higher. 7 students achieved the very highest grade 9. A special mention goes to Eleanor who achieved a grade 9 in her English Language and an 8 in her Literature and Mia who has achieved grade 9 in English Literature and an 8 in English Language.

    Maths has also performed well and 67% of students have gained passes at grade 4-9, with 45% gaining a grade 5 or higher. The numbers of students achieving the top grades in maths has increased this year with 6 students achieving the highest grade 9.

    Overall 72% of the cohort have achieved a grade 4-9 for two EBACC sciences at GCSE. Achievement in the sciences is exceptional with 40% of the Biology cohort achieving grade 8 or higher and 6 students achieving grade 9. In Chemistry 35% of the cohort achieved grade 8 or higher with 7 students achieving the highest possible grade 9. In Physics a third of students achieved a grade 8 and 7 students achieved a grade 9. Special mentions in science go to Earl who has achieved a grade 8 in Chemistry and Physics and a grade 9 in Biology and Oscar who has achieved a grade 8 in all 3 sciences.

    We are proud to see the Arts flourishing as well as our EBACC subjects, a quarter of students have achieved a grade 8 or 9 in Art and Design, 84% have achieved a grade 4-9. A special mention to Izzy, Linnet, Rosie and Sofia for achieving their grade 9.

    Commenting on this success, Principal Marianne Blake said:
    “I would like to join our parents in congratulating our students for the results they have achieved through hard work and determination. I would also like to thank all our teachers for their expertise and for giving their time so willingly to support students. We wish all our students well in the next stage in their academic career and are looking forward to welcoming students back to the Sixth Form at the start of term.”

    Tony Brett, Chair of Local Governors, said:
    “This is an extremely pleasing set of results, once again showing what a high level of dedication we see in our students and staff. It is particularly encouraging to see so many grade 9s but also such high percentages achieving good passes in the core subjects of maths and English, as well as in sciences, languages, humanities and arts. I am grateful to all who have achieved so well under the headship of Miss Blake and wish them well as they move forward in their education well prepared to flourish through sixth form or college either into University or into other fantastic pathways.”