Book Bunting Competition

After 5 years it was felt the book bunting needed up dating across the library. We ran the competition for all year groups across a 6-week period.

What it has shown us, is that we have a lot of very talented artist at OSA. With over 350 entries from all year groups, we had a diverse range of ideas and books drawn. From the traditional front covers such as Holes, to the outside the box thinking such as the winner of Year 7 who had ideas spilling out of a book on the stage to reimagined front covers of books by popular author Alice Osman.

Mrs Cowley was the final judge and she had quite a hard time in picking winners, 2nd places and runners up. In her words “they could all win, they are all so good”. Congratulations to all students who took part, your bunting will be hanging up in the library in due course.

Year 7
Winner – Tallulah (7B)
2nd Places – Nathan (7T), Sanjeev (7B2) & Nandana (7B)
Runners up – Kitty (7EH2), Maisie (7S2), Emilie (7EH), Mason (7EH2) & Ayan (7T)

Year 8
Winner – Greta (8T2)
2nd Places – Laila (8B2) & Mim (8S2)
Runners up – Hosna (8EH2), Adiba (8B) & Ava (8T)

Year 9
Winner – Miri (9S)
2nd Places – Clara (9B2) & Zoe (9B)
Runners up – Zoe (9B), Goda (9B) & Emily (9T2)

Year 10
Winner – Katie (10EH2)
2nd Places – Alicja (10B) & Khadija (10S)
Runners up – Alice (10EH), Willow (10T2) & Ace (10EH)