A-level Physics trip to the CERN facility

OSA had an extremely enjoyable and successful A-level Physics trip to the CERN facility and Geneva, organised by Ms Hamnett and ably accompanied by Mr Birch – a group of 6 Year 12 and 13 students attended and were fantastic – positive, reliable, funny and especially punctual, it made the whole trip very relaxed. We visited CERN itself with a guided tour and its visitors centres, and also explored the beautiful city of Geneva.

Here is what the students had to say about the trip

“Being at CERN gave me a new perspective of how science can unite people all over the world. If you are ever given the chance to go, take it!”

“Geneva itself a great place for a holiday! If you would like to see an aerial view of a city or go swimming in a lake, be sure to take this trip!

“It was exciting to explore Geneva, taking a cable car up the mountains to see stunning scenery and getting soaked by the famous Jet d’Eau. And I took my first ever plane journey on this trip- it was great!”

“The trip gave me a deeper perspective in particle physics and sparked further interest on studying and researching in physics.
Other than physics, the trip also offers travelling around Geneva and earning free time with trust to explore around. I would definitely recommend this once in a life time opportunity”.
“I gained a better understanding of what they at doing (at CERN) and what happened in the earlier stages of the universe”

“Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
CERN is great
Science is too
You try to pizza
But not the fondue
CERN is not just the LHC
Scientist is what I want to be
Hostels are actually fun
But hope for not a boar that snores
Because then you will want no more
But just make memories at the shore
And the mountain floor
Because roses are red
And Geneva is much more”

We look forward to next year’s Physics trip to CERN!