German Olympiad

Our MFL department is so thrilled and beyond proud that 3 of our OSA students have won a leading position in this year’s German Olympiad.

This is a competition organised by the Oxford German Network, run by the Modern Languages Department of the Oxford University.
The Network received an unusually large number of entries this year (more than 500 in total) and it is an absolutely amazing achievement that the below three students’ work has been chosen and published on the OGN website out of such a large number of contestants from all across Oxfordshire.

  • Y8 – Cara – winning position (5th)
  • Y9 – Matilda – runner-up to winners (7th)
  • Y12 – Dory runner-up to winners (3rd)

Please see their winning entries on the OGN website via these links:
Results Oxford German Olympiad 2021 (scroll down to Year 7 to 9)
Results round 2

Congratulations to the above students on their amazing achievement. They are such excellent linguists. We are very proud of you and all of your hard work!