Onatti Play

On Tuesday, 3rd March 2020, twelve of our Year 9 students had the unique opportunity to watch a drama performance entirely delivered in German. ‘Das Schlimmste Hotel’ (the worst hotel) was performed by the Onatti theatre group at Magdalen College School, whose work is specifically designed for learners of German at Key Stage 3 and 4. Our students were thrilled by the experience and astonished about how much of the play they were already able to understand. The experience has given them a great boost of confidence in their language skills and underlined how well they already comprehend the German language after 2 years of studying. They commented: “I really enjoyed watching the play. It was good for my listening and comprehension skills and I understood more than I thought I would” (Wiktoria).“It was very easy to understand and very enjoyable. The play was very visual and it helped me to understand the story. I was surprised about the amount of German I already knew. Overall, the play was fantastic and very educational” (Martin).