Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

Welcome to Year 6 students who have been offered a place at Oxford Spires Academy to start in September 2024

We hope you are all excited for the new journey and the opportunities that will greet you here at Oxford Spires Academy. We work hard to provide care, guidance and support for students and their families during transition from primary to secondary. At Oxford Spires Academy we would like you to feel ready and confident that you can make this step and be excited about what the future holds for you here.

Mr Khan and Mrs Crook (our Transition Team) will visit every primary school that has children coming up to us. Where possible, we will also bring some of our current Year 7 students. Our Year 7s will talk to the Year 6 children, answer their questions and generally provide a ‘students’ eye’ view of the whole process.

Next, we will meet your child’s Year 6 teacher and ensure we discuss each individual child’s needs. Part of the enrolment process asked children to give the names of up to three friends they feel comfortable with – and we will try to place every child with at least one of these friends. However, we do follow the primary teachers’ recommendations regarding which children work well together and which may be better apart. If a child is coming alone from their primary school, or is coming without particular friends, we will try to ensure that we place him/her with someone in a similar situation who may also share similar interests.

Week commencing 17th June 2024 House letters will be sent home via post informing parents and child of House allocation.

Thursday 27th and Friday 28th June 2024

We invite all our new Year 7 students to Oxford Spires Academy for two days. They will meet the other children in their tutor groups, sample lessons, tour the school and generally begin to become acclimatised to life here at Oxford Spires Academy.

Thursday 27th June 2024

Parents and carers are invited to attend our Year 6 Rising Evening. It will be an opportunity for parents and carers to meet Mr Khan and the rest of the Transition Team to get a feel of Oxford Spires Academy.

September 2024

First day of term. Your child will arrive knowing their tutor, their tutor group and their way around the school. We operate an extended tutor period on the first day to ensure that students have their timetables, know the routines and feel confident to start their first full day.
We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford Spires Academy and will be pleased to discuss the many educational and other opportunities provided for our students and the community we serve.

Contact Us

Transition Co-ordinator: Shazeb Khan
Transition Administrator: Sandra Crook
Please email with any queries you may have.
If you would like to discuss how we can help your child with a specific learning need, please contact our Inclusion team:

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