Pupil Admission Numbers

Oxford Spires Academy will take 10 students above its PAN of 220 for Year 7 starting September 2020. Year 7 2020-2021 will therefore have a PAN of 220. This has been supported by the local authority.  Any queries please contact Mrs Crook on 01865 428200, Ext 630.

Mid Term Admissions

Admissions Policy 2020-2021


If you would like your child to join Oxford Spires Academy at any time during the academic year or for any year group please email us at Mid Term Admissions stating the following information:

Parent’s name
Parent’s email address
Child’s name
Child’s date of birth
Postal address
Telephone number
Current year group
Current school
Date arrived in UK (if appropriate)
First language

Once we have received this information our Mid Term Admission’s Administrator, Mrs Crook, will contact you to start the process of admitting your child to Oxford Spires Academy.
If you would like to tour the school beforehand with Ms Blake, Principal, or with Mrs Crook pleases contact Mrs Crook on 01865 428200 ext 630.

Year 7 Admissions

Please apply to Oxfordshire County Council Admissions via their website and once you have done this to ensure that we are aware that Oxford Spires Academy is your first preference for your child’s Year 7 secondary school place please email us at Year 7 Admissions and again we will arrange for your paperwork to be sent directly to us. Please provide your contact details including a phone number, the name of your child and their current primary school so that we can contact you to ensure we process your application efficiently.

Sixth Form Admissions

Please apply Here