Admissions Policy Consultation


Oxford Spires Admissions Policy 2022/2023

Consultation explanatory note

We have updated our admissions policy for admission into our school in September 2022. We are therefore running a consultation on the new admissions policy between 23rd October 2020 and 3rd December 2020. Comments are sought on any part of the new Admissions Policy. Comments are sought from any interested person or party, but in particular from parents and prospective parents.

The new policy is published on our school website, available in hard copy upon request from the school office and can also be viewed here:
OSA Admissions Policy 2022/23 - Consultation

Changes to our policy
We have updated our policy to make it clearer and easier for parents and the rest of the school community to read and use. Our policy is fully compliant with the Schools Admissions Code and local authority guidelines.

The new policy is set out in a new format which makes it easier to follow. The definitions have been amended so that they are easier to understand and fully compliant with the Schools Admissions Code.

There is no change to the PAN for Year 7, the PAN is 220. We have clarified that the PAN for Year 12 is 60. Please note this is the minimum number of places for external students. The capacity of the sixth form continues to be 250. We have added detail as to the oversubscription criteria for the sixth form to ensure the process is as fair and transparent as possible.

We have made the following amendments to our over-subscription criteria:

  • Children with a sibling at the school – We have changed the oversubscription criteria to allow more priority for children with siblings already at the school (see the policy for the full definition of ‘sibling’).
  • Children of staff – We have added this new criterion with the aim of supporting our valuable school staff, helping to better both our recruitment and retention and resulting in the best possible education for our children.
  • Children with a disability – This criterion has been removed as the language was outdated and it is increasingly recognised that this type of criterion can be found to be in breach of the Admissions Code. This is because it can be seen to be unfair to families with low income as the evidence required to prove medical or social need can be expensive to obtain. We wish our policy to be as fair as possible and inclusive to the whole school community so on advice have removed this criterion. As required by law, it remains the case that children with EHCPs are prioritised first above all other criteria.
  • Designated area – we have simplified our over-subscription criteria so that we prioritise those living closest to the school (after the other categories listed in the over subscription criteria) as opposed to using a designated or catchment area with the aim of ensuring our admissions procedures are as fair and transparent as possible
  • Straight line distance – we have clarified that we will be using Oxfordshire County Council’s standard method of measurement for home to school distance- straight line distance. We agree this is a transparent and fair method of measurement.

Significant thought and consideration has gone into these suggested changes. We hope you will agree that the new policy is fairer and simpler for the whole school community.
Responses to the consultation should be sent to:
Claire Pannell, Head of Legal, Anthem Schools Trust:

All responses must be sent by the end of the consultation period stated above.