Year 11 GCSE Checklists

We encourage students to use checklists when preparing for internal and external exams. They are based on the specification and what students need to know for each paper.
Students should download the appropriate checklist. This will match with their exam timetable.

Initially students need to go through and RAG rate the individual topics. This means red, I can’t remember it, or I know I don’t understand it, amber- I know it but not in enough detail a bit of revision and I will be able to answer this topic in and exam. Green – I know all the information and I and confident in recalling all the information needed.

Students then put the small topics into their revision timetable. Simply putting Science in the timetable it too large unmanageable and success is unmeasurable.

Students have been given a revision timetable leading up to their exam. They should allocate a small section or topic to each 20 minute slot. Repetition is important. If you can please support your child by asking to see their revision timetable and offering the quiz them on their knowledge.


Drama Checklist


English Checklist


Geog Theme 1 Key Idea 1.1
Geog Theme 1 Key Idea 1.2
Geog Theme 1 Key Idea 1.3
Geog Theme 2 Key Idea 2.2
Geog Theme 2 Key Idea 2.3
Geog Theme 2 Key Idea 2.4
Geog Key Word Lists
Geog Revision Mind Maps


History Elizabethan England Checklist
History Germany Checklist
History USA Checklist


Languages Checklist


Math Foundation Checklist
Maths Higher Checklist


Music GCSE Revision Checklist


RE Buddhism Component 3 Checklist
RE Christianity Checklist
RE Ethics Component 1 Checklist
RE Islam Component 3 Checklist


Biology Combined Checklist
Chemistry Paper 2 Combined Checklist
Complete Combined (H)
Physics Paper 1 Combined Checklist
Physics Paper 2 Combined Checklist


Biology Triple Checklist
Chemistry Triple Checklist
Physics Paper 1 Triple Checklist
Physics Paper 2 Triple Checklist