Key Stage 4 Options Evening

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Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 10th February 2022

Year 11 Mock Exams

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Last day of term 3

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First day of term 4

Year 12 /13 Mock Exams

Monday 28th February – Wednesday 2nd March – Year 12 Mocks
Wednesday 2nd – Friday 4th March – Year 13 Mocks

Year 10 Work Experience Week

Your son or daughter may have told you that they had an assembly recently about Year 10 Work Experience. This was led by the Education Business Partnership, the company we have hired to arrange and manage the process for us this year.

As you can imagine, finding appropriate placements for up to 220 students, in a post-COVID climate, is not easy and the whole process is filled with caveats in case things shift between now and March, when students are due to go. But we will be pleased to be able to offer the placements face-to-face if at all possible, as Work Experience week is such an integral part of our students’ careers education, helps them find out about their skills and interests, and, in the end, helps them to make better choices for their future.

As they head towards Year 11 with the one-to-one interviews they will have, and before that group careers sessions at the end of this year, we are keen to support them. Ms Crook, who is the school’s contact for parents in organising placements and liaising with the EBP, is emailable on, and, as the school’s lead on careers, as well as Head of Sixth Form, I am also happy to answer queries on general careers issues (

Your son or daughter will have brought home a form which you need to fill in with them, either to ask to arrange their own placement, or to have the EPB do that for them. The company have also sent a link to a video for parents, so that will help you find out more about what students heard last week. You simply need to follow this link, and then use the password ‘Oxfordspires’ to access it. If you need another copy of forms, or have any other queries about these, please contact Ms Crook.

Inset Day

School closed to students

Year 12 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 7th April 2022

Last day of term 4

First day of term 5

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 5th May 2022

Last day of term 5

First day of term 6

Sixth Form Induction Days

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Year 12 Work Experience Week

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Year 6 Transition Days

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Rising Year 7 Parents’ Evening

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Year 10 Parents’ Evening

Wednesday 13th July 2022
4.00-7.00pm – More information to follow

Sporting Awards’ Evening

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Last day of term 6