School Vision

‘The best version of ourselves’

Our vision is to be a beacon of excellence at the heart of our local community. We believe that all students are capable of making outstanding progress and attaining the highest level, whatever their starting point. We do not make excuses for our students: we firmly believe that there are no barriers to achievement that cannot be overcome by a determined and resilient student and a supportive school team.

We believe in providing exceptional education for local children, our inspirational teaching and fantastic relationships provide and create a safe, supportive and challenging environment where students can flourish. We are relentless in our pursuit of the small things that we believe might have a big impact on our school culture, environment, ethos and our students’ attitude to learning, we set exemplary standards and aspirational goals. We believe in strong relationships, pride, community, family and support and every member of our staff is a role model to our young people.

We are extremely proud to be a multicultural, multi-faith community. We celebrate the diversity of our staff and student population and we encourage students to celebrate their own heritage but equally to be proud British citizens. The bedrock on which our school community is built is the excellent relationships between staff and students and between students themselves.