Copies of these policies may be downloaded and printed from this page or a paper copy can be requested by contacting principal@spires.anthemtrust.uk


Trust Policies

Anthem Trust-Policies

School Specific Policies

Accessibility Plan
Admissions Policy 2020-2021
Admissions Policy 2021-2022 Updated Sep21
Admissions Policy 2022/2023
Admissions Timeline 2020 (jan 21 Covid Updated)
Admissions Timeline 2021
Anti-bullying Policy
Attendance And Punctuality Policy
Behaviour Policy Covid-19 Addendum - March 21
Careers Education IAG Policy - July 2019
Charging And Remissions Policy
Child Protection And Safeguarding Policy
Concerns And Complaints Policy
Data Protection Policy
Disability Policy
Exclusions Policy
Exclusions Policy Covid-19 Addendum
First Aid Policy
Freedom Of Information Policy
Health And Safety Policy
Home Learning Policy (Guidance For Parents) 2019
Managing Aggressive Behaviour Policy
Online-Safety Policy For Students And Parents
Provider Access Policy
Reduced Timetable Guidance
Registration Of Pupils Policy
Remote Education Agreement (Anthem)
Remote Education Policy Covid-19
Safeguarding Amend - COVID-19
School Behaviour Policy
Special Educational Needs - Information Report
Special Educational Needs Policy
Tackling Extremism And Anti-Radicalisation Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Whole-School Equality Policy

Exam Specific Policies

Centre Policy Trust
Exams 2021 Appeals Policy

 JCQ Website – Information for Candidates

For further information about the structure and remit of the trust members, the board of trustees, committees and local governing bodies and the trust scheme of delegation for governance please click the Anthem Website link below.
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Gender Pay Gap Reports

Gender Pay Gap Report 2021
Gender Pay Reporting 2019-20
Gender Pay Reporting 2018-19