Head Student Team

These values are deeply rooted all across the school but are especially central in our House System. Whether you’re in Bannister, Earhart, Seacole or Tolkien, your house provides you with a family for the whole duration of your time here. Taking part in inter-house sporting competitions and performances such as House Drama and Dance allows you to work in a team and cultivate new skills in academic, athletic and art areas, whilst also having fun and meeting students from across all year groups. As you progress through your school years leadership opportunities arise, ranging from from House captains to Head students, which is really important as it integrates all the year groups and sixth form, promoting student connections despite age.

In the classroom, every teacher strives to create a great atmosphere for studying that is accommodating for every student no matter their way of learning. Our teachers put in every effort to not only provide engaging and knowledgeable lessons but also build rapport with their students making the lessons feel safe and enjoyable. Students will often have the opportunity to work together in lessons whilst also having time to mature their independent learning, challenging them to achieve their best potential.

We are a community that cherish, encourage, and motivate students over all aspects of academia. We rise by lifting others. We celebrate the diversity in our school that allows us as an academic establishment to be recognised for by the local public. As members of the head student team, we will absolutely push OSA to become a community that will be known for its thriving student support, and our main motive as a team is to establish a community that is healthy and whole, filled with each student’s love and concern for each other, a community that is safe and strong. Because we know that ‘together,’ we can create a fabulous tomorrow for those already part of the OSA community as well as for the next generation of students to develop and empower their choices and embolden others and themselves to chase their dreams.

Welcome from The Students’ Union

This year, we are very excited to announce a new addition to the structure of Oxford Spires: The Oxford Spires Students’ Union.

The Students’ Union is an organisation run by the students, for the students, that exists to represent the interests of students across the school, from Year 7 to Year 13. The Students’ Union aims to:

  • Foster a sense of community within and between year groups.
  • Improve the quality of life for students at OSA.
  • Address and solve students’ issues efficiently and effectively.
  • Support students, both academically and emotionally.
  • Organise and run a variety of community events and clubs across the school year that cover a broad range of students’ interests.

From a bold and expansive mentoring scheme to a range of community events across the school calendar, there are a lot of projects that the Students’ Union has planned for the year ahead. These will be facilitated by the Students’ Union Council and project committees, a team of dedicated and passionate sixth form students.

We also recognise that every year group has a very unique set of needs, so each year group will have a designated representative within the Students’ Union, whose role is to get to know and support the students in that year group on a personal level, and to be the person that they can go to with any range of issues they may have. The representative will then help address these issues and, where relevant, feedback to the Students’ Union Council.

We are extremely excited for the bold changes that we, as students, will be able to make to our school this year via the Students’ Union. We really encourage you all to take advantage of your representative – they are happy to help with any issues you may have!