Local Governance roles within the Academy

The Role of a Local Governing Body (LGB)

Anthem delegates certain responsibilities to a Local Governing Body (LGB) through an agreed scheme of delegation. The purpose of the LGB is to support Anthem in implementing its core purpose of advancing education for the public benefit and to be a link to the school community while providing challenge and support at a local level.

Local Governors are appointed by Anthem Schools Trust. They serve for a term of four years and can be re-elected for a further four years to serve a maximum of eight years.

The LGB’s delegated responsibilities are sub-divided into three core functions:

  • strategic improvement
  • support and challenge
  • communication and collaboration

Local governors can be contacted via the main school address. You can find this on the Contact Us page of this website. If you wish to contact Chris Scrivener, Chair of the Local Governing Body, please send an email to chairofgovernors@spires.anthemtrust.uk

A summary table of members’ interests and meeting attendance for the last full academic year can be found here: Register Of Local Governors 2022 2023

Declarations 2021/2022 can be found here: Declarations-OxfordSpiresAcademy 2021 2022

A description and diagram of our governance model can be found on the Anthem website: https://www.anthemtrust.uk/governance