Anthem Schools Trust

Oxford Spires Academy is part of Anthem Schools Trust. This dynamic organisation, committed to supporting thousands of children and young people to achieve great things through one of their schools.

Anthem Schools Trust are a family bound together by a commitment to three strongly held values: integrity, collaboration and excellence, and to our core purpose: creating ambitious and successful schools where everyone thrives. We are big enough to provide effective support for rapid school improvement, but small enough to foster open, honest relationships and communication.

Anthem Schools Trust welcomes schools of all types – wherever they are on their improvement journey. We see this diversity as a strength and celebrate the distinct nature of each school within the Anthem family. They have been improving schools since 2011.

Anthem serves over 8,000 children and young people in 16 schools across the East Midlands, London and Thames Valley.

As a multi-academy trust (or MAT), Anthem is first and foremost a school improvement organisation, responsible for ensuring that the public money they receive to run 11 primary schools and five secondary schools is used to drive the best possible outcomes for the children and young people under their care.
The following information can be accessed on the Anthem Schools Trust website.

  • Annual report and accounts
  • Articles of association
  • Funding agreement
  • Register of interests for the accounting officer
  • Public Sector Apprenticeship Target
  • Trade Union Facility time
  • Gender Pay report
  • Executive pay reporting
  • Register of trust’s members, board of trustees, committees and local governing bodies
  • Scheme of Delegation

Anthem Schools Trust
Highbridge House
16-18 Duke Street
Telephone 0118 902 1637