Women and Science – Year 8 visit the Botnar Research Institute

The University of Oxford Hospital Trust is concerned that school students don’t know enough about the range of science careers available. They’re also worried not enough girls apply for science and medical courses in and after Sixth Form. So NDORMS (The Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciece), based at the Botnar Research Institute, designed a special day course for our Year 8 girls.

The first set of 20 students visited on 13 June. The day consisted of workshops in areas of surgery, engineering and the conduct of scientific tests. OSA students met doctors, engineers, statisticians, physiotherapists, psychologists, science writers (the list was endless!). They learnt how they made career choices and reached their current jobs.

A talk from the Director of Graduate Studies at the Institute (the amazing Dr Afsie Sabokbar), a question and answer session withe some great role models, and tours of the research labs; from learning how to suture wounds, to doing keyhole surgery on knees, to moving beads around with chopsticks; the day was hugely enjoyable and gave students food for thought about their futures.

NDORMS’ idea is to make this available now for other schools – and another group of OSA students will visit in September.

Botnar 1

Botnar 2