House Drama

On the 23rd November 180 students took to the stage to perform in House Drama. Bannister presented a flamboyant and intense performance set in New York in the 1980s. The play highlighted the world of “Ballroom Culture” in which many young gay people found refuge from the prejudice of the time. Costumes sparkled and tragic storylines unravelled with their house captain, Mukahang Limbu, taking the best actor award and the House winning best script.

Earhart were the comedy act of the evening, opening the show with Paris in 1911 and the story of a mime artist stealing the Mona Lisa. Their comic timing and interaction with the audience were a great start to the night and congratulations go to Ishaq Aktar for best supporting actor and the whole cast for best staging.

Seacole told the story of Thomas and Valentina, tragically separated by America’s first immigration act in 1924. Suffragettes, the KKK, Milan and CoCo Chanel were all interwoven into the tale and they took the trophies for best programme and best overall house.

Tolkien interwove several stories of lives that cross over in a train station, highlighting to us the limited amount that we know of the people we walk past everyday. Dramatic use of physical theatre and ensemble work made this a powerful performance with their captain, Teoni Siani-Dash taking best actress and Melody Forbes winning best supporting actress.

The students worked exceptionally hard throughout the process, rehearsing after school, lunchtimes and weekends and produced some incredible performances on the night. Huge congratulations goes to all involved and thanks to all the staff who supported in so many ways.