Careers Advice

Year 12 Morrisby Assessments

Earlier this term a group of over 20 Year 11 students took the Morrisby assessment. Morrisby is a psychometric test, and it is followed by individual feedback on the profile the test generates, helping students to find out what careers they are best suited to, and what kind of university courses these involve. A second session is available for anyone else in Year 11, and anyone in Year 12 who did not do the assessment last year. This will be on Monday 11 February, and information will be sent out to students and parents to sign up. Morrisby is free for students whose family income is below £26,000. Otherwise it costs £99. Any queries about how useful it might be, costs or how to register, email Dr Watson at

Looking Ahead – OSA Careers provision

Oxford Spires Academy offers a huge number of opportunities throughout the year, designed to help students think ahead and plan for future careers. Here are just a few things that happen for each year group:
Year 7 begin the year with seminars and workshops looking at Success and Ambition. Some students have individual interviews with our Aim Higher Co-ordinator, Ms Deliah Wilkinson, and all look at approaches to homework at this early stage, with INTO University, as this key for their future success.
In Year 8, there are lots of assemblies and there is tutor work to help them think about GCSE options. The Decision Challenge and early work on career goals helps students at this stage to think ahead. Some Year 8 students have the chance to visit a local hospital for a careers day on healthcare careers.
Year 9 students have Careersfest and some students visit the University of Oxford to find out more. A group go to Bucks New University for their Passport Day, and others on an Oxford Brookes residential course looking ahead to university. Some will take part in the Study Higher mentoring scheme looking ahead at their careers with Year 12 mentors.
By Year 10, all students go on their Work Experience placement, and a group of students visit Cambridge University to find out more about competitive applications. A ‘What Now?’ assembly asks them to think about how Work Experience might fit into their preparation for the future. Sessions on leadership and on communication, and another Passport Day at Oxford Brookes, add to the offering in this important year as GCSEs approach. The Careers Advisor in school runs workshops on different careers for groups of Year 10 in the summer term. Some students are referred for places on University courses.
By Year 11, career development opportunities grow even more regular. A key event is the Post-16 Opportunities evening in January, and work with Sixth Form staff surrounding this, to make sensible applications to OSA Sixth Form or elsewhere. Individual interviews with our Careers Advisor continue throughout the year , and students have the chance to take part in New College, Oxford’s Step Up Programme, which begins in Year 11. Sessions on Apprenticeships and alternatives to college and A levels are also offered.
In the Sixth Form, as applications for universities, apprenticeships and employment become a reality, students have a wide range of opportunities to build up their profiles. They receive invitations to apply for research placements, work experience, summer schools, university mentoring and visits. One-to-one careers interviews are available on request, and there are a series of talks and workshops for the whole year in school, looking at university life, student finance and making successful applications as part of the Higher Education and Research Week in July. Recent emails to students have given them details of how to apply for Study Days at the University of Oxford, for residential time in Cambridge, for local medical open days, for Law mentors and for Nuffield Science Placements.

For all years, there are LOTS of careers resources available through the student portal. We have paid for a license to use two websites in particular, which might be of wide interest.

  • One is called Kudos ( Please contact Dr Watson or Mrs Dalley for the license code. This is a really good starting point for students who have little idea what they want to do in life! It shortlists careers that suit student interests, and lets you search more about them (entry requirements, salaries, job descriptions etc.)

  • The other website is called eCLIPS The password for this site is available from Dr Watson or Mrs Dalley.


In the Careers calendar for 2018-19…

The week beginning 5th November is Careers Week across OSA. Students of all years are encouraged to attend talks about different careers at lunchtime, with sessions on Law, Engineering, Journalism, Medicine, areas of science research, careers in IT, getting yourself published, teaching, joining the armed services and BMW apprenticeships.
A follow-up day on how to find out more about Apprenticeships, for Years 10-13 will take place shortly. For more information, ask Dr Watson.

In the summer term, during Higher Education and Research Week, former students will return to school to talk to younger years about their subjects and being at university, or about their careers and traineeships.
Links to useful websites, local opportunities, news and events, whatever you want, it’s all here.