Will my child be able to get a place?

At the moment all parents who put Oxford Spires Academy down as first choice will get a place. We are hugely oversubscribed in terms of the numbers wanting to join Oxford Spires Academy (over 450). Whilst we are full in Year 7 and Year 8 we do expect all those who put us down as first choice to secure a place. If you have a sibling in the school you will be secure a place in the school. Thereafter the distance from the front gates to your house will be the deciding factor should there be a waiting list next year.

How do I get my child in the 6th Form?

Please go on to the website and click on the link ‘Join Us’ to see the application form. Or simply contact Dr Watson at jwatson@oxfordspiresacademy.org to arrange a visit.

Where do I get my uniform from?

Price & Buckland will provide the tie and jumper. Your PE kit also comes from Price & Buckland and all this can be ordered on line. You may get the shirts and shoes trousers from any local store. Just ensure that the trousers are non-stretch, non-tight material as opposed to fashion items.

What would happen if I thought my child was being bullied?

All the children are encouraged to tell if they see or experience any one being unkind by what they say or what they do. Should you have any worries at any time please go on to the contact us information and let your child’s tutor, Head of House, Ms Dunphy or myself of any concerns that you have that will be dealt with immediately.

How much homework should my child get?

In Year 7 and year 8 your son or daughter should be doing approximately an hour and a half of homework a night. This increases upwards through Year 9, 10 and 11 where they should be doing 3 hours per night leading up to their GCSE exams.

What should I do if my child is unwell?

Please call the Attendance Office, Mr Hawkswood on 01865 598170. Follow this up with an email please.

If I have concerns about my child’s education what should I do?

You can contact any teacher at any time through using the email contact on the website. If it is in a particular subject you can contact the child’s teacher or the Head of Faculty. Should it be a more general concern you are always welcome to contact the Principal on scroft@oxfordspiresacademy.org

How many reports and parents’ evening do I get each year?

Every child in school gets 6 full reports a year indicating their current attainment, their effort in class work and homework and written comments. Every child also has a parents’ evening where they can meet the teachers of your choice once a year. Year 7 additionally get a settling in parents’ evening in October.

If my child is in the 6th Form will they be allowed to study at home?

In Year 12 all students will be expected to be in school all of the time. Those students who show a strong work ethic and an adult responsibility will be given over time particular times where they are allowed to be at home to study. Parents will be informed about this.

Will my child get to go on any trips?

There are many trips at Oxford Spires Academy from visiting universities to Year 7 camps from Barcelona to China. Trips letters will be given to the appropriate children for them to bring home to ask for permissions. These letters can also be found on the school website.

Can my child bring a phone to school?

Children can bring phones to school. In lessons they cannot seen nor heard. Occasionally we find it helpful for students to be able to take photographs of their work or the board in order to help their studies. Phones should be looked after and can be put in the child’s locker.

What happens if my child loses their PE kit?

We encourage the child to retrace their steps to find where they have left it. It may well be in lost property in Reception or left in one of their classrooms. These things are usually very easily sorted especially where the child is encouraged to take responsibility for finding what they have lost!

How is my child’s house chosen?

Siblings will always go in the same house as older brothers or sisters. Thereafter each child has the opportunity to put down a good friend. The groups are then balanced to ensure equality of ability and gender.

What IT facilities are there?

Your child can stay behind after school to go in to the library or use one of the IT rooms. We are looking to start a Year 10 study area and there is a smaller homework club run the SEN department.

What IT restrictions and monitoring is there at school?

The school has blocks on You Tube and any inappropriate sites. Additionally we monitor all IT equipment used in school for any inappropriate words or concerns.