Year 8 Research Former Pupils

Year 8 research former pupils at their school who took part in WW1

On Tuesday 12 June, a group of able Year 8 historians visited the building where OSA began – now the University of Oxford’s History Faculty.

Before the school that we know, in 1880, the City of Oxford Boys’ School was founded on George St in central Oxford. Set up originally to give boys from all backgrounds the chance to go to university, the school faced the First World War in 1914.

Boys volunteered to fight, many died, and all the students involved are recorded on the Roll of Service on the wall in the old school building… Amongst the names we no longer recognise are the famous T.E. Lawrence (‘Lawrence of Arabia’) and an ancestor of the Salter family (who run Salters’ Steamers in Central Oxford).

Fifteen Year 8s have each chosen a name from the Roll of Service and are researching all they can find out about him – his home background, his war service and, if he didn’t die in the War, what happened to him.

The students are working with local historian, Dr Liz Woolley, and History Fellow at Pembroke College, Professor Adrian Gregory – both of whom are currently researching the school’s WW1 participants.

The students’ research will be in written or visual form, and will be in an exhibition, in school to begin with, in November this year, as part of the City’s commemoration of the centenary of the Armistice.

More information will follow in September about how and where to see their work.