Primary Sport Partnership News

Hundreds of children from Year 3, representing St Christopher’s, East Oxford, St Francis, Larkrise and St Mary and John, all took part in our successful Multi-Skills Festivals. This was an opportunity to work together and develop not only physical skills, but also social, cognitive and personal skills. Great engagement from everyone and well done to Year 5 Leaders from Larkrise and Year 7 and 8 Leaders from OSA who helped to lead the event.

Even more children attended the KS2 Cross Country events. The intention for this event was to allow schools to bring a whole class to experience the adventurous course at OSA. A tough challenge but well done to everyone who was brave enough to have a go and determined enough to complete the challenge.
Thankyou to Larkrise, St Christophers, East Oxford and SSMJ for their fantastic participation.