Netball Tour 2018

The Barcelona tour was an amazing experience for the whole team because not only did we play competitive netball we also grew as people. Every single person, including the staff, worked as a team, supporting each other through challenging games. We all experienced the Spanish culture in both Lloret de Mar and Barcelona, from the food to the breath-taking Nou Camp. Netball in Lloret de Mar was of a high standard as many of the teams were elite. We were driven and motivated by each other and the training helped better our skills. Through perseverance we managed to come third in our division out of nineteen teams through point difference. Despite coming third, we were in high spirits as we felt we had worked hard and we were ready to enjoy the rest of the trip which was brilliant. We take home the knowledge obtained in our netball training and match play.

We would like to thank both Mrs Minton and Miss Bartlett for being so supportive and driving us to do our best in all that we did. Special thanks to Mrs Minton for being an excellent coach and getting us on this trip. Good luck to any teams that go after us as we know you’ll love it as much as we did!

Written by Teoni Sani-Dash and Nailah Hoque