Higher Level Learning Day-29th September 2017

Year 12 Higher Level Learning Day – 29 September 2017

It is vital that Year 12 students, beginning A levels, get off to a flying start! As most people realise, A level study requires a lot of determination and organisation.  On Friday 29 September, OSA’s Year 12 students took part in a day dedicated to the skills they will need for success.

Setting goals and overcoming barriers was the subject of their first session – led by Ms Ali. They were asked to make plans – think ahead – and envision the success they wanted.

Further sessions focused on how to make professional presentations – a skill key to the workplace as well as to school and university courses. Every member of the year group spoke and they learned how to adapt presentation slides to meet the needs of their audiences.

As well as presentations, students learned about Sixth Form research and referencing – looking at how to find information, and how to record their findings. And they had a very relaxing session learning how to manage the stress which is a necessary part of this level of learning…  (Thanks, Mr Fanchi!)

The afternoon saw the whole year looking outwards – at the many opportunities they have to work with both universities in Oxford, and to broaden their learning as well as planning their future. Becky Bartle, from Oxford Brookes, gave a presentation on Brookes Engage (a popular 18-month scheme to help students prepare for university, and offering them access to Brookes’ library and sports facilities).  From debating, to university lectures, to study days at the Ashmolean, university departments and the Bodleian Library – we hope that all our Year 12s enjoy this exciting phase in their education!