GCSE Results – 23rd August 2018

We are delighted with the better than National average number of students achieving Grade 9s in English, Maths and within Biology, Chemistry and Physics. A grade 9 will put them in the top 3% of students in England.


Subjects with strong results include Maths, English, History, RE, Product Design, Art & Design, & across all the Sciences.


English/ English Literature with 78% of students achieving passes at grade 4-9, and 66% achieving a grade 5 or higher. 3 students achieved the very highest grade 9. A special mention goes to Rachel Gittens who achieved a grade 8 in her English Language GCSE and a grade 9 in her Literature GCSE.


Maths has also performed well and 61% of students have gained passes at grade 4-9, with 41% gaining a grade 5 or higher. Matty Clark, Oscar Idle and Kiril Kirzakov have all achieved the highest grade 9 in their Maths GCSE.


Achievement in the Sciences has been exceptional with 46% of the Biology cohort achieving grade 8 or higher and 4 students achieving grade 9. In Chemistry 38% of the cohort achieved grade 8 or higher with 4 students achieving the highest possible grade 9. In Physics a third of students achieved a grade 8 (equivalent to an old A*) and 2 students achieved a grade 9. Overall 65% of the cohort have achieved a grade 4-9 for two EBACC sciences at GCSE.


Congratulations go to the students and a huge thank you to teachers for their hard work, and importantly, of course, to parents too. There are some individual successes of note and these include;


Matty Clark who has achieved 11 GCSEs at grade 5-9. He has achieved 3 grade 9s in Maths, Chemistry & Biology


Oscar Idle who achieved 11 GCSE grades at grade 5 and above including 4 grade 9s in Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry and a grade 8 in History


Ilona Sell who has 10 GCSEs at grade 6 or above including 3 grade 9s in English Language, Religious Studies and Biology and 3 Grade 8s in Maths, Chemistry and Physics


Leo Lasrado who has achieved 11 GCSEs at grade 5 or above including a grade 9 in Biology and 4 grade 8s in English Literature, Chemistry, Geography and History


Caleb Masters with 11 GCSEs at grade 5 or above including grade 9 in English Literature and 8s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics


Lojain Hussan who has 10 GCSEs at grade 5 and above, with grade 8 in Chemistry and Biology, 7s in English Literature and Maths and an A grade in Business Studies.



Commenting on this success, Principal Marianne Blake said:

“I am delighted with the successes achieved by our students this year. Despite the national tightening of GCSE standards we are really pleased to see that our students have risen to the challenge. It’s very pleasing to see the numbers of students achieving the highest grades that will enable successful progress on to their chosen A Level courses. Across the board, it is fantastic to see students achieving their personal best, whatever their chosen pathway.”


Tony Brett, Chair of Local Governors, said:

“National changes have made this a challenging year and it has been very hard to know how things are moving against that backdrop of change. I am particularly pleased to see these results that show clearly how dedicated teachers and students alike are to their work.  In addition I am so grateful to all our support staff; parents and carers; Friends of OSA; and our sponsor, CfBT Schools Trust, for providing and maintaining an environment that makes such excellent outcomes possible.  I am proud to know that Oxford Spires has so effectively enabled our year 11s to be the best they can be and to prepare them as well as possible for life post-16.  What a wonderful way for our new Principal to end her first year in post!”