Bonnie Langford Interview


Last term in Mr Sheward-Himpson’s (Mr Shew) drama class the students were looking at inspirations, personal and dramatic. As part of that Mr Shew organised a Skype interview with one of his personal inspirations…singer, dancer, actress… Star of Dancing on Ice and Eastenders, Bonnie Langford!


He collated lots of interesting questions from his classes and had a video call with Bonnie asking those questions from his students. Mr Shew then filmed the lucky students and edited a condensed version of the interview including photos and clips of Bonnie’s previous work.


The finalised piece was then shown in class in the hope it would inspire the students both as performers and young people.


Bonnie spoke about her experience as a child star right up to her current role in a fast paced soap opera, she also had great advice for the pupils and was incredibly kind to give up her time for the drama classes of OSA, she finished the interview with some positive advice “Drama and any kind of creative expression is so valuable and no one can take that away from you… As long you are supporting each other… It can be the most wonderful way to grow.”