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kate lay

My name is Kate Lay and I am the School Health Nurse for Oxford Spires Academy. I am employed by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

School Health Nurses work closely with teaching staff and pastoral staff to provide support and guidance to students, to help them make healthy lifestyle choices. I am a Qualified Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, with particular interest and expertise in supporting children and young people’s health needs within the school setting.
The School Health Nurse works in partnership with school staff to deliver the Healthy Child Programme to offer young people evidence based preventative health care. Research identifies improving emotional and physical health can improve academic achievement, wellbeing and life chances.

We offer a wide range of services which include Immunisations in accordance with the UK immunization schdule. Further information available at

  • Support at transitional points in school life (Year 7, 11, 13)
  • Drop In access Tuesday lunchtimes and fortnightly in 6th form on Wednesdays
  • 1:1 Support

Students may self-refer, or be referred by a member of school staff for support on a wide range of issues e.g. Emotional health and wellbeing, Puberty and Sexual Health, Personal Health and Relationships, Healthy Eating and Physical Activity, Risky behaviours e.g. smoking cessation, alcohol advice

  • Small Group Work
    Identified students may attend sessions of group work e.g. smoking cessation, self-esteem building, girls or boys ‘nurture’ group
  • Managing emergency medication within School
    The school health nurse can support students with their medications within school, particularly with reference to emergency medications such as epipens, epilepsy treatments and asthma inhalers, and will also provide training for school teaching staff where required.
  • Supporting school curriculum PSHEClassroom teaching on specific health related topics
  • Themed health information and promotions for all school students e.g. smoking cessation, exam stress and healthy eating, using display boards, the ‘rolling screen’ and assemblies.
  • Referrals and signposting to specialist services e.g. PCAMHS, Early Intervention Services, Contraception and Sexual Health Clinics, GP
  • School-based contraception and sexual health services in line with legal frameworks, specialist training and Patient Group Directives

The School Nursing service is confidential. This means we can discuss personal information with young people in confidence and will not discuss it with anyone else without their permission. However we would pass on any information that we feel is needed to protect a young person or someone else from serious harm. Whenever possible this would be discussed with the young person first.


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The School Health Nurse can be contacted on

Telephone: 07765 404212
Monday to Friday 9 – 3pm
Further information available here