Year 7 Settling In Meeting

Thursday 18th October 2018 – Students have now been given a copy of appointment times to bring home.

Every year we host a ‘Year 7 Settling in Meeting’ – this is an opportunity for you to meet your child’s tutor, Head of House, Ms Bartlett-Head of Year 7 and myself. The meeting will be 10 minutes long and we will discuss any of the following: issues your child may be facing, homework, positive feedback and anything that is personal to you or your child.

The evening begins at 4.30 and the last appointment will be at 7.20, ending at 7.30.

To prepare for this meeting you may want to discuss and reflect on the following questions with your child:
How they feel about school?
What their favourite subject is and why?
Which subject they don’t enjoy as much as the others? How can this be improved?
What are their aspirations?
How they feel about their contributions to their House?
How they feel they have progressed academically this term?

To ensure the meeting is not focused around admin, I propose you check and ensure you are logged onto the following systems, which will help you support your child.
ParentMail – to receive communication easily
ParentPay – OSA is cashless, to pay for activities and food – this is the preferred way to make payment
Show My Homework – Year 7 students have planners but SMHW is the easiest way to track assessments, homework and tests – this will help you support your child
Go4Schools – you will be able to see your child’s timetable, assessment outcomes, positive points and for some, negative points.