Staff Emails

Parents are able to make contact with their child’s teachers or tutors. Please help us to achieve a work life balance for our teachers and contact between 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday.


Teaching Staff

Full Name

Job Title

Internal Email Address

Miss M Adams Teacher of Maths
Miss N Ali Teacher of Humanities
Mr A Archibald Teacher of English
Miss D Aspinall Head of Performing Arts
Ms C Atkinson Teacher of English
Mrs E Austin Teacher of EAL
Miss S Baker Teacher of PE
Miss R Bartlett Teacher of Science
Mr S Bayliss Head of House – Tolkien
Miss H Beech Head of English Specialism
Miss E Brassell Teacher of Art
Mr M Brown Head of Year 7 Humanities
Miss M Chand Teacher of Science
Mr K Charleton Teacher of Maths
Ms K Clanchy Writer in Residence
Miss M Coelho Teacher of Maths
Mrs C Cole Head of RE
Mrs K Constantine Teacher of MFL
Mrs S Croft Principal
Miss A Cross Teacher of MFL
Mr T Davies Teaching Assistant
Mr M Denton Teacher of Music
Mr G Devey Teacher of Music
Miss K Dix Head of House – Bannister
Mr M Dixon Vice Principal – Assessment & Data
Ms J Dunphy Vice Principal – Learn
Mrs T Edwards Teacher of D&T
Miss C Evans Teacher of Maths
Mr M Fanchi Head of Faculty – PE
Miss F Fergusson Teacher of EAL
Mr J Finch Head of Faculty – Mathematics
Mrs R Finch Head of Faculty – MFL
Mrs S Fletcher Assistant Principal
Miss E Flynn Teacher of Geography
Dr E Garcia Rodriguez Teacher of Science
Mr A Gardner Head of Faculty – D&T
Mr D Glazebrook Teacher of History
Mr C Green Teacher of PE
Miss P Greenway Teacher of Science
Mrs I Gwiazda Joint Head of Faculty – EAL
Mrs B Harry Teacher of Psychology
Miss S Hartigan Teacher of English
Mr N Haynes Head of Geography
Ms M Hermaszewska SENCo
Mr A Holmes Teacher of Computing
Dr H Hu Teacher of Science
Miss L Jeffrey Teacher of Humanities
Mrs S Key Teacher of MFL
Mr S Khan Head of House – Seacole
Mr D Layen Head of Faculty – Science
Mr M Loftus Teacher of Maths
Mr D Madigan Teacher of Business Studies
Dr A Magee Teacher of Science
Mr S Masterson Head of House – Earhart
Mrs C May-Smith Head of Faculty – Humanities
Mrs M Minton Teacher of PE/Cover Supervisor
Miss K Morris Teacher of Maths
Mr M Peters Head of Business Specialism
Ms A Plant 6th Form Co-ordinator/Teacher of English
Ms E Reynolds Teacher of D&T
Mr K Scott Teacher of Humanities
Mr P Sheward Cover Supervisor/Instructor of Drama
Ms M Tuck Joint Head of Faculty — EAL
Miss D Turner Teacher of PE
Dr J Watson Head of Sixth Form
Ms L Woodley Teacher of English
Miss H Woolley Teacher of English

Support Staff

Mr S Adams Network Manager
Miss A Aravjo Cleaning Staff
Miss S Aumar TA Visual Impairment
Miss T Ball HLTA
Mrs D Beat HLTA
Miss M Beat HLTA
Ms Y Boyle Food Technology Technician
Mrs V Brown Mid Term Admissions Administrator
Mr G Bueno Montoya Cleaner
Ms N Champion Seacole HSM
Miss A Cofield Bannister HSM
Mrs A Coulter HLTA Lead Practitioner – SPLD
Dr L Crane-Lupton TA
Mrs S Crook PA to Vice Principal
Mrs J Dalley PA to Head of Sixth Form
Mrs M Daly Finance Assistant
Mr C Dann ICT Technician
Mrs S Downes Counsellor
Miss K Draper Receptionist
Mrs C Dunn HLTA
Ms R Egloff TA
Ms I Fabian Media Technician
Mrs S Fisher Assistant SENCo
Miss L Gilder TA
Miss R Graham TA
Mrs S Graham Senior Science Technician
Ms S Head Examinations Officer
Miss D Hernandez-Vallejo Cleaning Staff
Mr M Jaggers Director of Operations
Mrs S Jaggers Principal’s PA
Mrs S Kadir Attendance Officer
Ms S King School Nurse
Mr S Langton Technician – D&T
Ms J Merritt SEN Administrator
Mr A Nihas Senior ICT Technician
Ms H Oakley HLTA
Mr M Pestana Site Team Apprentice
Miss A Pinedo Cover Supervisor
Mrs N Plaku Finance Officer – Reporting
Mrs K Pledge Finance Officer
Miss C Powell Receptionist
Ms S Poyser Reprographics/Events Manager
Mrs C Quarterman Cleaning Staff
Mrs A Rae Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Reddy HLTA
Mrs A Roberts-Schaeuffele Cover Supervisor
Miss H Rye Teaching Assistant/Tutor
Mr J Sheppard Librarian
Mrs J Shirley Data Manager
Mrs H Simpson Technician – Art
Miss L Simpson Technician – Perf Arts/Food Tech
Mrs L Spacksman HLTA
Mr J Spencer Caretaker
Ms E Steere Technician – Science
Mr H Strachan House Support Manager
Mr M Stuart-Thompson Data and SIMs Manager
Ms M Taylor Reprographics Assistant
Mr A Tetteh Operations Manager
Miss G Trafford House Support Manager
Miss S Twist Cleaning Staff
Mr A Walton Teaching Assistant
Mr C Wharton Caretaker
Mrs D Wilkinson Aim Higher Co-ordinator
Mrs V Woelki Cleaning Supervisor
Mr R Yalcin Technician – Music