The Faculty

The Department of Sport and Physical Education develops the ethos of Sport for All. Through a variety of traditional and alternative physical activities, students gain the opportunity to progress rapidly in both their physical and cognitive development of sport, physical fitness and vocational sport.

The Department of Sport and Physical Activity nurtures students through a carefully balanced curriculum, providing opportunities to enhance practical skills, boost confidence and offer opportunities to those who wish to develop coaching or officiating skills.

Every student is taught the core values of respect, sportsmanship and fair play as well as developing tactical and strategic awareness to outwit opponents. Lessons offer opportunities to learn how to solve problems through team and individual sports and how to work as a team in a practical environment.

The Department of Sport and Physical Education prides itself on leadership development, through our Sports Leadership Programmes. Many students gain accreditation and experience in leadership and become outstanding role models in lessons and in the community.

The Department of Sport and Physical Education is at the forefront of life-long learning within the Academy. Whether student interests are in performance, coaching, leadership or officiating, our Physical Education programme has something to offer every student at Oxford Spires Academy.


Y7/8 Curriculum

Upon entry into year 7, students will receive a carefully planned programme in multi skills. This programme challenges all students to demonstrate and develop a range of core functional skills required to perform successfully in sport. Upon completion of this programme, students will follow a carefully planned timetable of recognised team and individual sports including artistic gymnastics, invasion games (football, netball, rugby and basketball), net games (badminton and tennis), striking and fielding games (softball, rounders and cricket) and athletics (track and field). All students will undertake an annual unit of work in Health and Fitness. Sports are often scheduled to match the inter-house sporting calendar, allowing students to develop their technical application of skills required for competing in a variety of sports.

KS4 Curriculum

The aim of the Key Stage 4 Curriculum is to create a habit of Sport and exercise which students can take into their adult lives. To support this ethos, when entering year 9, students gain the opportunity to select their desired sporting programme. Students will opt to specialise in particular sports from Key Stage 3, with the addition of trampolining, volleyball, table tennis, Zumba, fitness (both fitness training and use of the Oxford Spires Fitness Suite), dodgeball and handball. Many students will be able to follow a personalised fitness programme provided by our partners, Oxford Spires Sport and Fitness (Fusion) in our new, state of the art fitness suite.

Those students who opt to follow PE as a GCSE in addition to their core Physical Education will receive additional time with the department, working towards their full course GCSE in Physical Education (AQA). This course is aimed at students who wish to develop their knowledge of the theory underpinning sports performance, with particular focus on Anatomy and Physiology and Socio-Cultural Influences on Sport and Performance. This course is an essential requirement to those wishing to follow sport in the 6th form.

GCSE Physical Education (AQA) 8582 (2016 Specification)


Level 3 Qualifications

Upon successfully achieving the entry requirements for the 6th form, students can follow one of two courses in Vocational Sport.

The Level 3 Extended Certificate in Sport offers students the opportunity to learn the essential content for any level 3 course in Sport. With a focus on Anatomy and Physiology, Fitness Training and Programming, Professional Development in Sport and Sports Leadership, students will be assessed through a variety of coursework, controlled assessments and examinations.  Upon completion, students can use this course as part of a larger level 3 package to access Higher Education courses in sport, exercise science, sports therapy and many more courses.

Level 3 Extended Certificate (single option)

The Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Services is a technical qualification providing an extension to the Extended Certificate course, providing an exit directly into employment in the fitness industry. Recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), the course develops the understanding and application of circuit and gym-based training, sports injury management, fitness testing, work experience and self-employment in the fitness industry.  Assessed in accordance with the Extended Certificate above, the Diploma suite is 100% coursework and practically assessed.


Extra-Curricular Activities

In addition to our extensive curricular programme, students will be offered opportunities throughout their time at Oxford Spires Academy to belong to a variety of teams and clubs. We offer additional coaching in football, rugby, basketball, netball, trampolining, cricket and rounders. We have good links with local sports clubs and coaching and offer links to Fusion leisure, Oxford City Tennis Club and Oxfordshire Cricket Board. We are also establishing links with many other city sports clubs and details will be obtainable from the PE department.