The Faculty

Music is a growing subject at OSA. It builds on the musical skills that students bring with them to school as well as developing new ones. Many students involve themselves in musical activity beyond lessons and they are keen to explore and experiment with different styles and forms of music.

Music is part of the Creative Arts’ faculty and is housed in a music classroom with 5 practice rooms and a well-equipped music studio. Music also benefits from use of the Theatre as a space for formal performances and talent shows and performances are often given in the Library and Atrium areas as well.

Y7/8 Curriculum

Year 7 students are working towards the Bronze Arts’ Award. This is a nationally recognised award that will give them the opportunity to work through to the Gold award in the future. The award focuses on development of musical skill as well as building critical skills and self-evaluation. The current Year 7s are focusing on World War 1 as their topic for the award in light of the 100 year commemoration.
Year 8 students follow a curriculum that leads towards the GCSE course. They work on the development of performance and listening skills as well as learning about a wider range of musical styles.

KS4 Curriculum

We follow the AQA GCSE specification over a 3 year course. Students are assessed on solo and ensemble performances, composition work including response to a given style and free composing as well as listening in a formal exam situation.

Level 3 BTEC

This has been a hugely successful course so far. Students are able to choose a focus between musical performance and musical production. Within the course, they will study the process behind the production or performance and will develop both practical and written accounts of their experiences.

Extra-Curricular Activities

House Music and Dance, Choir, orchestra and the whole school musical – this year “Anything Goes.” The music department is also involved in regular performances for formal evening events and talent shows.

Particular Successes

Our extra curricular work offers students the opportunity to develop beyond the school curriculum and in ways they often doubted in themselves. It is in this field where we often see students develop crucial life skills and confidence that impact on their work in all areas of school life.