Design and Technology

The Faculty

Design and Technology is a growing well-resourced faculty at OSA. Subject specific areas consist of Resistant Materials, Electronics, Design Communication (CAD/CAM), Food and Nutrition. The Department takes pride in challenging students to produce high quality and creative work. This is achieved through teaching pupils core skills of accuracy and construction which lead them to becoming autonomous in the solving of material and functional problems in Year 11.
Within technology we use many cross curricular applications to make pupils aware of how other subjects relate to the creation and development of successful products.

Y7/8 Curriculum

The KS3 course is designed to develop key skills which ensure high standards are achieved. Small elements of design are included to allow individuality, although all projects are used as vehicles to give pupils of all abilities the security of success and provide the opportunity to develop confidence in a creative practical environment leading to them making maximum progress in their Design and Technology capability.

KS4 Curriculum

The new GCSE Design and Technology specification sets out the knowledge, understanding and skills required to undertake the iterative design processes of exploring, creating and evaluating. The majority of the specification will be delivered through the practical application of this knowledge and understanding. Topics and themes have been grouped to help pupils’ understand; 1. Core technical principles 2. Specialist technical principles 3. Designing and making principles.
This will lead to the pupils being assessed on an internal design and make task and an external written exam. Both elements have equal weighting within the full GCSE.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are growing within the department. Facilities are available for Robot Club and plans are being made for the future.