Maths Reading List

The Faculty

The Maths team is a forward thinking team who are committed to showing students the beauty of mathematics and making sure that they are able to use mathematics to succeed in whatever walk of life they choose.

Y7/8 Curriculum

Whether your child has previously struggled with Maths, or has shown a real aptitude to the subject, the early years of study at Oxford Spires will support them in progressing as rapidly as possible. For those that have struggled we have a specially designed course designed to reinforce the fundamental concepts of maths, place value, calculations, number facts and the like, whilst at the same time ensuring that they see and use the maths needed to progress. For those students who have shown real talent for the subject we offer a curriculum to stretch and challenge, which will introduce them to abstract concepts like using formulae, multiplying with algebra and the laws of indices quickly whilst making sure they don’t lose the real life applications of the subject – 2D and 3D shapes, volume and surface area, data handling and the like. For those in between we have a course which will ensure they don’t lose the basics, we look again at techniques for multiplying and dividing, coordinates, symmetry etc whilst also moving on to look at new topics like transformations, constructions and powers.

KS4 Curriculum

Students follow the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics Linear Specification (A) at either Foundation or Higher Tier. Students study the GCSE course over Years 9 and 10, sitting a mock exam at the end of Year 10. Based on their mock exam we will then spend Year 11 addressing any final topics that students need to revise before they take their GCSE exam in Year 11.

Maths A-Level

At Level 3 students follow the OCR (MEI) specification taking the core modules C1, C2, C3 and C4 as well as Statistics 1 and Mechanics 1 in order to support a breadth of the application of mathematics that occur in the real world. We also offer Further Maths A level to exceptionally high achieving maths students.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Maths faculty regularly enters students into the UKMT competitions for both individuals and teams at junior, intermediate and senior level. In addition we run a house competition to celebrate World of Maths day and are very active in providing master classes for our primary schools.


Students must have all their maths equipment for every lesson. It is possible to purchase all of this through the school reprographics office.

  • Scientific calculator (we suggest the Casio fx-85GT plus)
  • Black or blue pen(s)
  • Sharp pencil(s)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • 30cm ruler
  • Protractor
  • Set of compasses with pencil leads or short pencil
  • Rubber

Click here for GCSE Mathematics assessment guidelines for 2017 onwards.