OSA Teaching & Learning

We are a student centred school. We strive to provide teaching and learning of the highest quality. To achieve this teachers work together to produce high quality lessons and experiences for our students. We work closely with the Department of Education at Oxford University and actively engage with research to develop our practice. Staff are encouraged to take risks and try out and evaluate new ideas. 8 principles underpin the delivery of every lesson:

High engagement through questions, thinking time, discussion, variety of activities, choice, high challenge and great classroom relationships.


EAL: 5 words on a post-it to unlock the learning. Visuals and dual language dictionaries to support.


Literacy: use of the literacy codes followed by green pen interaction. Technical vocabulary rich lessons.


High expectations and a readiness to learn: meet and greet, silent start, right equipment and S.L.A.N.T.


Student owned learning: responsibility, choice, collaboration, peer/self moderation and reflection.


Personalisation: Teaching that offers the right level of challenge and support.


Assessment for learning: regular checks to inform teaching.


Quality feedback that leads to progress, through reflection and interaction. Green pen response.


OSA Professional Development

We are an ‘Open Door School’

Learning Walks are completed by SLT and Line Managers. Great Learning and engagement is highlighted in the Teaching and Learning Bulletin. Teachers support the training and development of colleagues by allowing visitors to lessons either, as part of learning walks, or for the lesson observations. Teacher drive their own development by observing others, going on learning walks and discussing pedagogy with colleagues.



Coaching supports professional development and offers an opportunity for colleagues to collaborate beyond the Faculty system. Every Thursday morning between 08:20 and 08:35 coaching groups meet to share good practice, discuss solutions to problems they may have encountered in lessons, pedagogy and aspects of their teaching connected to the learning lead areas.


Developmental Lesson Observations

Twice a year teachers will be observed by either their line manager or a professional coach. The observations will for part of a professional dialogue specific to an area of development chosen by the teacher being observed. Training in professional dialogue and developmental observations is offered and shadowing is encouraged in order to develop strengths in this area.


Teaching and Learning Newsletters