School Vision

The detailed plan is available to any parent who wishes to have a copy. Please contact Sandra Jaggers: The plan is updated annually after extensive evaluation. Parents will be asked for their views about our progress each February through a questionnaire.

Our priorities:

  • To provide for the full range of abilities and in particular to stretch and support the able, gifted and talented.
  • To become a centre for excellence in teaching through a strong focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning.
  • To provide outstanding care, guidance and support through a vibrant and competitive House system.
  • To become a centre for excellence in literacy including the teaching of English as a second language.
  • To build on the international dimension of the school, both through community cohesion projects and by linking with other countries using CfBT’s extensive experience.
  • To build on the excellent work in our Business and Enterprise specialism to provide stimulating and ‘real’ experiences for all students.